I’m constantly working on various projects, and my mind tends to wander more than I’d like it to. If you’re interested in seeing some of my code snippets, check out my Github page. I’ve done my best to organize my projects, so hopefully it’s easy to navigate. If you have any questions about my work, feel free to reach out and ask. Best of luck!

Python Projects

  • AISC Steel Beam Calculator
    • Currently calculates the shear and moment capacity of a steel shape beam.
    • Future steps to create GUI to autoselect beam sizes based on parameters.
  • AI Response Generator
    • Code utilizing Twitch API and OpenAI to create random automatic responses to other twitch users comments.
    • WIP
  • Coffee Break
    • My take on the pomadora app. Making constant tweaks and attempting to switch over to Custom Tkinter.


  • Stocker HTB Machine
    • Still beating my head on this one.


  • PiBox
    • I finished this project but now I’m looking at adding to it and turning it all into a Cluster using Kubernetes. I’m really excited about this one and am going to collect a few more parts before getting started. Once I get it up and running, I’m going to look at adding containers to the cluster such as pihole, dedicated servers, and whatever else sounds fun.
  • 343 Guilty Server
    • Need to label sata cables.
    • Look at different cooling options.
    • Add a new drive. The server is at 60% capacity.
  • Add a load balancer with Kemp and make inside services available publicly.