Honestly, I’m not sure what I want to do with my life. I have a ton of interests but nothing has really stood out as a clear path. So for now, I’m just gonna keep studying and learning as much as I can. Maybe I’ll earn some certifications along the way as mini goals. Who knows where it’ll take me, but I’m excited to find out!


  • CompTIA A+
    • Core 1 Passed
    • Scheduled to take Core 2
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CCNA or CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA Linux+
  • CompTIA Pentest+
  • eJPT
  • OSCP


  • Finish David Bombal’s Networking Class and maybe look at taking the CCNA or CompTIA Network+ if I feel up for it.
  • Look at classes for CompTIA Security+


  • C, Java, JS, and Ruby
    • Look into beginner classes to learn the basic syntax of each. Nothing as extensive as I got with Python.
  • Look into class to learn better scripting with BASH and scriptlets for the command prompt and/or PowerShell.


  • Continue to maintain physical fitness.
  • Exercise a minimum of three times a week.