Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? By Julie Smith

A cartoon robot panicking.

The upcoming month and the following month will be exceptionally busy for me, so I’ll do my best to stay up to date with studying and posts, but I can’t make any guarantees. Surprisingly, this book turned out to be quite good for me to read before heading into the summer months, as it eloquently expressed the anxiety and stress I have been experiencing.

First of all, I must admit that self-help books are not typically my preference. I’m not saying they lack value, but given the choice, I’d rather delve into other genres. Honestly, I can’t even recall the last self-help book I read, so it’s safe to say that I don’t usually give them a chance. However, since it was a book club selection, I had no say in the matter and did my best to read it, aiming to contribute thoughtful insights whenever possible.

The author did a fantastic job of presenting, in their own words, a toolbox brimming with tools to assist readers. However, the effectiveness of these tools depends on how they are utilized.

It’s often easy to see the path forward, but taking that first step can be quite challenging. It may sound like a cliché, but the book effectively illustrates and describes the emotions one may be experiencing and their possible causes. It provides a range of strategies to combat negative feelings or simply cope with them.

As I read through the book, I found myself quoting its title on several occasions. It’s not that I had never pondered those ideas before, but they had never been articulated as explicitly as they were in the book.

For me, running and working out have always been excellent stress relievers. One major reason for this is that I get time to myself, allowing me to engage in deep contemplation. I do a lot of thinking during these sessions, although most of it tends to be unproductive. However, occasionally, I stumble upon a valuable insight that helps me overcome a predicament.

This book effectively outlined those occasional insights I discovered, making me feel validated. It made me realize that I’m not alone, and there are methods to aid in recovery after experiencing setbacks.

All in all, this was a quick read, and I genuinely enjoyed it. It offered valuable insights and even provided my significant other and me with another means of communicating our feelings to each other. If you have some spare time and are looking for a resource that can improve your communication about emotions, I would definitely recommend this book.

I’ll keep this write-up brief since I also finished another book club selection and need to write about it as well. However, I must admit that the upcoming write-up won’t be nearly as enjoyable to write.

As always, thanks for reading and catch you all later.


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