The capital letter A. It is green with a bold black outline.

I mean, I didn’t get an A+ but I did just pass the CompTIA A+ Exams. So that’s pretty great.

Similar to the Core 1 Exam (1101), I took the Core 2 Exam (1102) virtually. This is pretty great for someone who is not a big fan of going to testing centers and let’s be honest with ourselves, who is a fan of that? I knocked it out with about 30min to spare which had me a bit worried because I did not feel great at all during that exam.

  • I felt like I could answer most of the questions but in typical CompTIA fashion, a lot of the time there is more than one correct answer and they want you to choose the best correct answer.
  • The gym to my complex is on the other side of the meeting room that I book for these tests (It’s “typically” quiet enough and secluded enough for CompTIA requirements) and someone was in there blasting a boombox. Usually, I would appreciate the distraction but when the rules state no music I was sure the proctor was going to ding me on it the entire time. They didn’t.
  • I had no coffee. This was my screw-up. I left home with the anticipation of getting coffee at a local machine right beforehand and it was out by the time I got there. Not saying I’m an addict to caffeine but this definitely didn’t help the morning nerves.

All in all, I somehow managed a pass and that is all that matters. A few days later, I got the official email certification that I have passed both exams and I now have my first certification.

I don’t know what this exactly means for me but I wanted to see if I could get this first one under my belt and reexamine my next steps. Having browsed forums, I know an A+ Certification doesn’t mean a lot but I just wanted a sense of all of it and to see if I’m willing to put in the effort for other certs.

I’m currently studying some information related to the CCNA but have also gone over a lot of information for Security+. Not sure which one I want to go for first but at least I got something under my belt.

So I think that is going to be it for now. Just wanted to share the latest news. Also, I have been slacking on my studying and posts lately. I just moved to a new place and am dealing with all that fun drama. Hopefully, I’ll have everything sorted in the right place here shortly and can get back on my regular track.

Thanks as always for reading,


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